Shades don’t just roll and flap around on your grandmother’s window anymore.  Shades are often misunderstood by consumers and designers.  They can be a beautiful way to control sunlight to prevent fading of valuable carpeting, furniture and artwork.  They can give a room absolute visual privacy and yet still allow some daylight.  They can darken a room for sleeping and block out almost all light.

They can roll up and virtually disappear opening almost all the window for full view and sunlight or they can pull up to the top and still show the beautiful fabric that was used.  The can be made of virtually any fabric.  They can have motorized operation or simple clutch operation.   Some shades have cordless operation.  Many can be made top down and bottom up allowing the shade to be completely in the middle of the window.

Ask us how custom fabric shades, woven wood or grass shades or cellular shades can enhance the beauty and your enjoyment of your home.  Call us today.

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