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We notice so many pictures of beautiful homes showing gorgeous rooms and yet they aren’t quite complete.  What’s missing?  Well planned and executed window treatments!   Well, you say, I have cell shades, shutters, blinds or other “coverings” on my windows.  Congratulations, these are for controlling light and perhaps privacy but they are not window treatments.   These are window coverings.

What’s the difference?  Plenty.  Well planned treatments bring warmth and a finish to all rooms.  They bring comfort.  They can add color and life to a boring and lifeless room or they can blend into the look of the room to allow other items to be the star.  They can frame both the interior and exterior view.  Many homeowners are plagued with the memory of their grandmother’s curtains, small, sharp pleats with small sharp creases in a broadly floral fabric or perhaps in something “vanilla” in appearance and not nice to touch.  They remember skimpy, poorly hung, too short or too long, too narrow, too embellished and just plain bad curtains.  They need not be that way.

Today’s fabrics, in concert with a professionally trained fabricator using professional equipment executing a designer’s thoughtful plan, will yield a result that will please everyone.   Color and style come to the forefront.  The beautiful fabric is shown in its best light.  The style flows with the room and while obviously present does not overwhelm the room.  The length is exactly as planned.  The window visibility is exactly as planned both when drapery panels are open or closed.  The room is “lifted” and the eye flows across the room to the focal point planned by the designer.   Everything is in balance.


Valances and cornices are specialized window treatments designed to elevate the top section of your windows. Valances offer a range of styles and can be customized to fit your window’s dimensions, serving both an aesthetic and functional role in framing your view. Meanwhile, cornices provide a unique twist with the option for a solid face, often upholstered in your chosen fabric and the flexibility to incorporate decorative elements. Notably, they utilize eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, mold-resistant, formaldehyde-free, and flame-resistant materials for their solid faces, ensuring a stylish and safe addition to your home.

Regardless of whether you opt for valances or cornices, both window treatments share a common objective: to enhance, rather than obstruct, your view. They offer versatility, suitable for standalone use or in combination with drapery side panels, adding an element of sophistication and personalization to any environment. To explore how these options can seamlessly integrate into your interior design, feel free to seek advice from your designer or reach out to us for expert assistance.


Shades don’t just roll and flap around on your grandmother’s window anymore.  Shades are often misunderstood by consumers and designers.  They can be a beautiful way to control sunlight to prevent fading of valuable carpeting, furniture and artwork.  They can give a room absolute visual privacy and yet still allow some daylight.  They can darken a room for sleeping and block out almost all light.

They can roll up and virtually disappear opening almost all the window for full view and sunlight or they can pull up to the top and still show the beautiful fabric that was used.  The can be made of virtually any fabric.  They can have motorized operation or simple clutch operation.   Some shades have cordless operation.  All shades made by Silk Mountain Creations comply with the latest Consumer Product Safety Commission’s rules.

Ask us how custom fabric shades, woven wood or grass shades or cellular shades can enhance the beauty and your enjoyment of your home.  Call us today.

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Pillows, Cushions & Bedding

Pillows and cushions are the versatile gems of interior decor, offering both comfort and style to any space. In our shop, we offer a wide array of options to cater to your unique preferences. Whether you’re looking to enhance your decor with accent pillows or seeking ultimate comfort, we’ve got you covered. Our specialty lies in crafting pillows and cushions of any size, thickness, or shape, providing endless possibilities for customization. What sets our cushions apart is their innovative design, expertly engineered to minimize or even eliminate the common issue known as “cover creep.” This ensures that the edges of your pillow covers stay firmly in place, neatly aligned with the foam insert.

When it comes to pillows, your imagination knows no bounds. We can create pillows that match your exact specifications, be it size, style, or the type of insert fill you desire. Whether you prefer a minimalist, sophisticated look or wish to add decorative elements for a touch of flair, our team can bring your vision to life. Our pillows are not limited by fabric choice or shape, allowing you to tailor them to your unique decor needs. With our selection of high-quality feather/down pillow inserts, featuring a minimum of 10% down, you can be assured of both luxury and comfort. Should you have specific requirements, we also accommodate special orders, offering various insert fill options, including synthetic fills and feather/down combinations (up to 100% down). Your comfort and style are our top priorities, and we’re here to help you achieve the perfect look and feel for your home.

Motorized Blinds & Shades

Why Customers Love Motorization

  • Convenience: Control your window shades, outdoor pergolas, and awnings with the push of a button (or let automatic sensors and timers do all the work).
  • Safety: Protect your privacy by easily lowering shades via your cell phone or an automatic timer.
  • Energy Efficiency: Save on energy bills by scheduling shades to close during the hottest part of summer days or to open during cold winter afternoons.
  • Security: Turn on vacation mode in your myLink™ app and your shades will move automatically. You’ll look like you’re still at home – even while you’re on the beach.
  • Maximize the Space in Your Home: Make hard-to-reach window treatments easy to control. Somfy’s motorization solutions completely eliminate the need for cords.
  • Protect Your Furniture & Floors: By setting your blinds on a timer, you can make sure everything is shaded during the brightest parts of the day.